Since 1985, our team members have organized, financed, and operated 14 healthcare and life science start-up companies. UpStart is currently invested in five companies in the life sciences sector: Sera Prognostics, NeuroAdjuvants, ContraDyn, G6 and MedCatheters.

FEATURED COMPANY: Sera Prognostics

Preterm births can cause development issues and costs both patient and insurance tens of thousands of dollars per incident. Sera has the potential to prevent pre-term birth and preeclampsia.

Sera has identified a combination of molecular diagnostic biomarkers found in the blood serum of pregnant women which appear to predict future complications during that pregnancy including preterm birth and preeclampsia. Sera is on a track to introduce a CLIA based test for preterm birth in 2012. 

The Company is currently conducting a prospective longitudinal study with Intermountain Healthcare.

FOR MORE INFORMATION » Sera Prognostics Website        


NeuroAdjuvants LLC

Innovations that would create two new powerful classes of drugs to treat a wide range of disorders in either the central or peripheral nervous systems.”

NeuroAdjuvants, Inc. (NAI) develops novel peptide-based therapeutics for the treatment of neurological disorders with a focus on pain and epilepsy.  The Company has created a proprietary platform that uses chemical modifications to transform native neuropeptides with central nervous system activity into selective, stable drug candidates that penetrate the blood-brain-barrier.  NAI technology, for the first time, allows development of systemically administered neuropeptide-based therapeutics.  NeuroAdjuvants has developed a process of chemically modifying naturally-occurring neuropeptides to cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB), or restrict their effects to only the peripheral nervous system.


A device that would produce both rapid anesthesia and pain relief without the use of pharmaceuticals”

G6 is a medical device that will provide pain management options for limbs without the use of anesthetics. It is a revolutionary technology based on desire for pain management beginning 18 years ago with an idea by Dr. Ted Stanley.

G6 has developed a blood pressure type cuff that will prevent nerve conduction, and thus prevent pain communication between the brain and the limb. G6 has had multiple papers published on its various discoveries and accomplishments over the years and is testing a fully functional beta product with the goal to conduct a study at Shriners Hospitals for Children assisting children with cerebral palsy.

ContraDyn LLC

Preventing infection and promoting bone healing through controlled-release of antibiotics or other drugs.”

ContraDyn has launched ElutInc an orthopedic drug-releasing technology.  Elute specializes in drug eluting coatings applied to bone grafts used during othopedic surgeries.  ElutInc will improve orthopedic surgeries by preventing infection and promoting bone healing through controlled-release of antibiotics or other drugs. 

ElutInc won the grand prize in the Carnegie Mellon Venture Moot Corp. Competition, it won the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge Best Technology Award and it won the best elevator pitch in the Rice University Business Plan Competition.

MedCatheters LLC

Low-cost process for impregnating indwelling medical devices such as catheters with therapeutic products to control pain and infections.”

MedCatheters has identified a low-cost process for impregnating indwelling medical devices such as catheters with therapeutic products to control pain and infections.

The Upstart and MedCatheter team has expanded its testing of impregnating compounds both for pain and infection control in a variety of substrates used in everyday medical products.

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