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Our Strategy | Sector Focus

We start up and invest primarily in early-stage healthcare companies with disruptive market-shifting technologies. We invest in opportunities such as medical devices, drug delivery systems, and diagnostics, as well as longer range investments in biopharma products and platforms.

Our focus areas

Medical Devices

The USS device market is estimated to be $105 Billion in 2011, with annual growth rate of 8-10%. The USA is home to 7 out of the world’s top 10 device manufacturers.

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The diagnostic market has a value of $47 Billion in 2011 and is estimated to grow at 4.2% over the next 5 yrs. The aging US population is a major factor in the industry growth

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The US pharma market had a value of $293 Billion in 2010, 42% of global sales. The market is estimated to grow to $344 Billion by 2015.

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Drug Delivery

US demand for drug delivery systems will grow 10% annually through 2012. Oral types will remain the largest segment while parenteral, inhalation and implantable systems will grow the fastest.


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Strong Returns from Healthcare investing

The U.S. alone spends $2.4 trillion on healthcare annually, almost half of the world-wide spend of around $5 trillion. The number of American's 65 yrs or older will double by 2040 expanding the market and need for diagnostics, therapeutics and devices yet further.

Life Sciences/Healthcare venture investment achieved 10.5% higher realized gross pooled mean IRR for the past decade, in contrast to 5.1% for all of venture capital, 3.0% for IT and 4.1% for Software.

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